Nilgiris (Nil:blue, giri:hill) is a mountainous region of Tamil Nadu State, in southeastern India The peaks of the Nilgiri rise abruptly from the surrounding plains to an elevation of 1,800-2,400 m; Dodda Betta (2,637 m), is the highest point in entire Tamil Nadu. The hills are separated from the Karnataka plateau by the Noyar River and from the Anaimalai and Palani hills by the Palghat Gap. High above sea level at the junction of the two ghat ranges of the Sahayadri Hills, Nilgiri district provides a fascinating view of Kerala on the west, Karnataka on the north, and Coimbatore district to the east and south. They are considerably cooler and wetter than the surrounding plains. The headquarters of Nilgiris district is Udhagamandalam made famous by its more common name, Ooty.

Nilgiris derives its charm from its natural setting. Its steep hills and narrow valleys with numerous rivers and streams and cascading waterfalls provide for some very beautiful scenery. The temperate and most equable climate further heightens the attractiveness of the surroundings. Nilgiri is a land of lush vegetation, teeming with wildlife, most notably elephants, bison, deer & hundreds of species of unique birds.

The Nilgiris are the second largest tea-producing region in the country accounting for between 64000 and 120000 metric tons of high quality tea annually.

The Nilgiris are a trekker's paradise. Landscaped by nature, the hills abound in a variety of trails for both the novice and the more experienced trekker. There are a number of scenic and exciting trails for varied competency levels, details of which can be ascertained from the Charing Cross Tourist office in Ooty.