mangotreeHome Stay in Coonoor - Accommodation at Coonoor near OotyDevashola is exclusive and ultra private. Accommodations are provided in three colonial estate bungalows located in scenic and different points of the valley. The Bungalows are circa early 1900 style, lots of wood and natural warmth. The furnishing and fittings are traditional to the British era. The setup conveys a nostalgic sense and feeling of the status and comfort enjoyed by a successful colonial Planter. Each cottage has 2-3 bedrooms with attached baths, running hot water, ample lounging areas and comfortable large and airy bedrooms. Electricity is 220 volts and each cottage has back-up electrical supply. Drinking water is mountain fresh, tea kissed condensation collected in natural hill brooks and storage areas.

More than the creature comforts of a plantation dwelling, Bison Valley subscribes to providing a squeaky-clean environment with world class standards of hygiene and sanitation. It also embraces a green policy of utilizing safe and biodegradable detergents and cleaning agents. Fabrics are typically natural yarn, handwoven and ornamented with vegetable dyes.

We welcome suggestions from guests into ways we can improve our all round accommodations while implementing eco friendly systems and substances