Bison Valley's carefully tended gardens received the Chief Minister's Award - the rolling Gold cup for 1997 (102nd Flower show) held at the Botanical Gardens, Ooty. It also received the commendation of the Bloom of the Year at the same meet. The cottage gardens are consistently graded as amongst the best in the Nilgiris, known for their imaginative combinations of colour, size, bloom and presentation. Its stunning flower beds are replete with showers of Petunia, Marigold,Phlox, Anterhiniums, Poppies, Pansies and a host of other annuals while enchanting Dahlias and Spider Lilies present a breathtaking look. A wide variety of shrub and climber roses complement the perennial section along with Moghra (jasmine), Gardenias and a host of multicoloured flowering plants, orchids and ferns. Commercial scale Gerbera are grown in greenhouse conditions while acres of Birds of Paradise are cultivated out in the open. Bison Valley is a repository for rare and delicately tinted varieties of Anthurium.

Plantation crops on the estate include five varieties of high grade Tea, Coffee (Arabica) and Pepper. The organically produced vegetables are in high demand in the nearby markets of Coonoor & Ooty and include coloured Capsicum and all seasonal vegetables.