We live in momentous times as all the five elements : earth, water, fire, air and space which combine to form our gross body and on which our very existence is dependent have become polluted. Forests, flora and fauna are fast disappearing and to cope with rising stress and psychosomatic ailments, we are advised to surround ourselves with pictures of forests and water brooks amidst the jungle of high rise buildings.In olden days when life will become too much to handle, people will go to forest and take refuse in a yogic centre to recharge their batteries.

Globally people are choosing alternate holistic therapies of yoga, pranic healing, Reiki, Ayurveda life style, Nature Cure, herbs for attaining easeful body, peaceful mind and happy heart.

At Devashola, we offer you a transforming experience of being in the tranquil and healing environment of a forest/ tea, spice plantation, while unwinding and rejuvenating with the ancient universal arts of holistic wellness flowing through Yogasiromani Vinod Kumar, our resident Yogi, mystic and healer from the Himalayas.