YOGA AND ENERGY HEALING DE STRESS WEEKEND : (unwind with the wisdom of the “Rishis” ) :

A mind-body wellness retreat to de-stress , rejuvenate and drop work related discomforts like neck/shoulder pain, back pain, eye strain etc. Experience the potential of gentle postures, breath work and meditation as body relaxant and mental coolant. Take back secrets to transform the energy of stress into energy for creativity. Also gain insight into yogic vision of management, decision making and goal setting. Several encounters with beautiful Nature and wild life including an open eye meditation walk and soothing chants by the fire under the tranquil stars twinkling brightly to release pent up negative emotions of anger, fear, guilt, restlessness, lack of worth etc. Here Yogi Kumar shares the assorted techniques from Yoga, Pranic Healing, Reiki, Zen, Tao and Ayurveda most suitable for current times during 10 hours plus spread over two days.

Those who experience the benefits of Yoga and would like to deepen their practice over longer duration of a week, fortnight or a month or more or would like to become certified traditional yoga teacher are welcome to inquire for a personalized tailor made program .

Suggested minimum Gurudakshina per participant: Rupees Six Thousand Five Hundred only. (₹ 6500)

The Above Package includes Pick and Drop from Ooty/Coonoor, Accommodation and Food