Life time empowerment with ancient holistic energy healing technology known as Agni yoga rediscovered as Reiki in mid 1800 in Japan, where Yogi Kumar has visited several times. Reiki is recognized by WHO , wherein uplifting bio-energy / Prana/chi is channeled for relaxation and healing through hands with or without touch. It needs no equipment or apparatus to practice, is non religious, and is the easiest therapy for preventive maintenance of our body and mind against ailments and stress and uplift energy and mood. Reiki is also experienced to increase creativity, confidence and clarity in decision making and works at the causal level of disease. Many developed countries have reiki clinics where one hour relaxation session or reiki massage is offered like ayurveda therapy studios. Reiki is also great for greater bonding and communication beyond words between couples.

Reiki is taught in different levels along with certification and course material:

Reiki Basic Level : Empowers to heal self and others in person, can be learnt in two days over weekends.

Gurudakshina for the course, certificate and course material : Rupees Six Thousand Five Hundred only. (₹ 6500)

The Above Package includes Pick and Drop from Ooty/Coonoor, Accommodation and Food

Reiki Advanced Level : Initiation in symbols ( Yantra: Pure energy Patterns) and sounds ( Mantra : pure energy vibrations ) for wider and enhanced healing and transmitting healing energy at a distance. Also learn techniques for mental healing, healing past and future and manifesting peace and abundance in life. This can be learnt over a weekend.

Suggested gurudakshina :Rupees Eleven Thousand Five Hundred only. (₹ 11,500) along with course material and certificate.

The Above Package includes Pick and Drop from Ooty/Coonoor, Accommodation and Food

Reiki third and fourth levels are for professional healers and teachers and you are welcome to inquire about these advanced courses.