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Any tourism is intended to provide an escape from the monotony of daily life and commercial life. That is the point which relaxes and rejuvenates our mind, which is the soul of travel and tourism.

Do you think the present day tourist places provide you the same? Everywhere you go, in the name of tourism, you find only commercial and routine hick-bugs just to make you feel free from oven but into the frying pan. You find urself at the end of the day into another category of commercial and routine life. How far are we relaxed and rejuvenated? Though having spent money, either on package or on individual tour, we are left with unsatisfied and only confused soul of ourselves.

To provide an economical solution to this unrealistic so called tourism we have developed the concept of ETHNIC AND NON-COMMERCIAL TOURISM which so far was available only to the high-hands of cream of people who are very few in this world.

Now in India, situated in the queen of mountains - The Nilgiris, in the beautiful, small and clean city of COONOOR, we provide you with handsome and hand-some package of this ethnic and non-commercial tourism.

Its not just an escape from the routine and commercial life but also a great escape from the commercial and routine tour. Its not just another tour, but an experience so different from any other tours you have taken so far in the elm.

It is a fact that we have forgotten to laugh at ourselves, to enjoy the small beauties and joys of life, to get in touch with ourselves. Here you’re going to do just that. You will find yourself nestled in nature’s lap, with no one to intrude.

Mango Tree Bungalow

Sultana Bungalow

Pallaniappa Bungalow

Bison Valley Row Rooms

Madawa Row Rooms